To the future and beyond!

Posted: October 31, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I do wonder sometimes what I will be like in a relationship. I like to think I will NOT be a clingon, stage 5. I have a friend who always refers to her hubby as “my husband.” Isn’t that Amish or Quaker or something? It’s just weird and ANNOYING. She’s the co-dependent type.

DISCLAIMER: I can’t think of code names for the people in this post. As an afterthought, the one mentioned above is Clingon 5.

I am romantic though, don’t get me wrong. I am the Pride & Prejudice kind though. Or what about “What a Girl Wants” with Amanda Bynes? I totally stand by the kiss where they are in the boat-sweetest/best cinematic kiss. I just have my own ideas about it all though. I was hanging out with one of my gal pals the other night. As we were leaving the very ritzy Panera, we saw a couple saying goodbye. She thought it cute, I thought it weird. They were having one of those long gazes into each others eyes with the almost embrace. It was just very high school…but with adults. Ew and not cute. I guess I don’t do cute anyways. Oh maybe I do. Isn’t hand holding cute?


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