You are Beautiful

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

Smokin’ Hot vs. Beautiful

I was thinking about this on the way home from work today. Every woman wants to be told she’s smokin’ hot here and there. Hot means that you are attractive, it means you are an attention-getter. However, it means that someone is more than likely having a physical reaction to you.

Here’s the thing, that kind of makes you feel like a piece of meat or a tray of cheesecake. Someone just wants to devour you. It doesn’t say anything about your smile…or your eyes…or your personality coming through. No, if you really want compliment a woman, tell her she is beautiful. Unless she’s wearing feathers and fishnets. Sometimes, hot is the right word and sometimes we want to hear that. But tell a woman she’s beautiful and it says that you really see her…she’s stunning.

  1. thanks for the feedback on the slam article…we all need steak at times, but when a partner has moved in, it’s awfully nice to have fried sweet potatoes, onions, and chicken for lunch. RT

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