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Is there no person out there that respects the classic calendar? Seriously? I have one circle of friends where almost everyone manages their time, but most of them are entrepreneurs. I feel like that already puts them in a different category. But what about most people today?

I have a co-worker, who is also a college friend, who arrives exactly 22 minutes late everyday. He brushes it off by saying that he is on time because he is on time when he gets there. Wha? Ri.dic.u.lous. Just because our boss gets there one hour after we start does not mean you have an excuse for tardiness.

CLARIFICATION: I have had two jobs since graduating college [very blessed, muchas gracias] both of which I obtained through friendly connections. Faux Tofu and the Jokers, thank you & bow!

Here’s an example of my biggest peeve at this present time. Friends of my family have a daughter a few years younger than myself. The matriarchs thought it would be great if we could be friends. (I somehow missed this family during the subsequent years of collegiate escapades.) I have no problem hanging out with someone who is a few years younger. What I do have a problem with is not respecting another person’s calendar. Today is Thursday. I texted her on Tuesday, possibly Monday. We thought it would be fun to go to the movies. I texted her a few times since asking which theater, what kind of movies…does she still want to to hang out (today)?  NO RESPONSE. It’s after the fact now and I still have yet to hear from her. I know what you are thinking–maybe something happened, an emergency? You could be correct. Absolutely, 100%. But as in many cases, history repeats itself!

“And therein, as the Bard would tell us, lies the rub…”

I have tried on numerous occassions to extend my friendship and time. Cancelled all but twice! Sometimes, I never hear back from her. One time, she claimed she didn’t normally do this, but she was really upset–thus no hanging out. Which you could chalk up to immaturity, perhaps. She is a nanny. I’ve watched her spin some stories to get out of one arrangement to go for the better paying one. Business is business, but do you have to twist the truth? (wo)Man up! Handle it like a pro baby, but don’t let that trickle into every aspect of life.