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Dress CodeĀ Alert!

Posted: October 27, 2010 in Dress Code
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There are so many women in the “professional” world ruining it for the rest of us! I work in Corporate America and I just want to be a respectable woman!

The last company I worked at only had one of “these.” She is a married, mother of two, okay. Let’s start with that. Outside of her inuendos and provactive statements that basically implied she was a street-walker open to explicit events, we will look at one outfit that just says it all. March is fairly nice where I live, here in the Midwest. In fact, so is April and May. You probably shouldn’t wear this outfit. Short black SWEATER dress and knee-high black boots. When I say short, I mean my co-worker (also my bestie from college) said that she could see her @$$ hanging out. Not cool, not cute. Not to mention she looks like my mom’s friend who is 50. Just like. Stay away from the sun.

Due to this she created an environment of sexual harrassment and I didn’t wear a skirt for 2.5 years. I want to be able to work in environment without feeling like I have to…do more than work.

More to come…